Rubric for the Grading of Physics and Physical Science Lab Reports

St Joseph's Preparatory School

Deacon Thomas P Fitzpatrick


Late penalties are 3 points per class day. Reports are due three class days following the day an experiment is performed except when that day falls on a test day. In this case, the report is due the day after the test day.

The report must be in the student's Physics or Physical Science folder on Google by the end of the day on which it is due. The latest modification date will be considered the submission date.

Report Structure — The completeness, organization, neatness of the written lab report.

Score Description
0 One or more parts are not present - lab is incomplete
1 Lab parts are not in the correct order. Data tables are unnecessarily split over pages. Report is not formatted for readability.
2 All parts are in the correct order and the the report is formatted for readability.

Purpose — Reason lab was performed,┬áscientific principle, hypothesis.

Score Description
0 No indication of understanding regarding the purpose of the experiment.
1 Correctly identifies the scientific principle being tested but poorly connects the principle with purpose of the experiment. Fails to state a specific hypothesis or key points are missing.
2 Correctly identifies scientific principle and gives detailed explanation. Shows connection between scientific principle and experiment. Clearly states hypothesis and any assumptions.

Procedure — Complete list of materials and step by step explanation of how to do the experiment.

Score Description
0 Materials list missing or trivial.
1 Incomplete, missing or vague instructions.
2 Materials list complete.  Step by step instructions given. May include minor errors.

Data — Measurements and observations made during the experiment

Score Description
0 Missing or incomplete data; missing titles and/or units.
2 Neatly formatted table that fits completely on one page.
  • all measurements made during experiment.
  • all constants used in calculations.
  • all values calculated.
  • any qualitative (not measured) observations that were made.

Analysis of Data (Including any Necesary Graphs) and Appropriate Conclusions

Score Description
0 Missing or incomplete or unhelpful analysis and/or conclusions.
1 Reasonable start but incorrect or incomplete. Also important data is not utilized in the analysis.
2 Substantially correct.
3 Very well done and insightful.
Thomas Fitzpatrick
St Joseph's Preparatory School
Philadelphia, PA
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